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    Repayment could be ordered in the event of bankers' "misbehaviour", big losses at their bank or bad risk management, said the Bank. The banking system came under scrutiny after many banks were bailed out by billions of pounds of taxpayers' money following the credit crunch.

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    Previously, the Bank bitcoin scam india suggested repayments of promised bonuses. A spokesperson for the Bank of England said the new reforms were "much more stringent".

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    BBC business editor Robert Peston said: "This reform will worry bankers, because it means bonuses they have already pocketed btc deoria no longer safe for them and might have to be paid back. The bank's pre-tax loss for was £8.

    Of that sum, £m went to investment bankers.

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    It also recently awarded 11 of its directors a share package worth up to £ Simon Hills, executive director at the British Bankers' Association BBAsaid he supported the clawback reform, since if a bonus was paid based on "conduct that has later been shown to be substandard, it is only proper that it should be returned". But he added: "However, we should not underestimate the practical difficulties of recouping money that has already been paid.

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